Sunday, March 27, 2011

Proof for applying to Aadhaar card

These are name, date of birth, sex, address and biometric details of the person as the photo of his face, fingerprints and irises. special centers set up to take biometric data from applicants in all neighborhoods. Applications can be obtained on the dealer ration shops. Application can also be downloaded from www. Applications can be completed online. Full application and a receipt obtained by completing the online application with all required certificates must be presented at the camp near aadhaar registration.

Ration card, passport, PAN card, voter card, driver's license photo card of identity, NREGS job card, card photo identity card issued by a recognized educational institution, ATM Bank Credit card with photo, Kissan book a slideshow, address cards issued by the department of post and proof of residence issued the letter head of a senior officer may be presented as proof of identity to obtain a card aadh.

Details of the applicants are sent to central repository of identity data de-duplication and assign a unique identification number. Then the card is sent to the address on the application.