Sunday, July 31, 2011

There is no marriage without aadhar records

Aadhar card numbers are likely to be mandatory not only to get LPG gas connection, ration from fair price shops, but also for the registration of marriage records, land and vehicles and bank transactions.
The state government is looking at this to convince those who have not registered for ID cards only. 90 percent of people in Hyderabad have registered their names aadh card. The other 10 percent is primarily from government departments and state sector IT center.
"100 percent registration is likely to be completed in the state capital in September.
Once this happens, aadh card numbers will be a must for all citizens, "said the director of the civil society Chakravarthy KRBHN supplies.
Aadh in charge and assistant supply officer Seshagiri Rao MS said aadh card would be mandatory for health screening in public and private hospitals.
It is also used in police stations and courts to clarify the cases as soon as possible. Aadh cards are designed to ensure efficient access to national and state systems.
He said that the total population of 42 lakh (according to census 2011) in Hyderabad, 37 lakh have registered for the cards. 12 lakh people have received them and the rest are waiting for the cards. Chakravarthy also said the government is working on the correction of incorrect data on the cards and come with software for this.
However, some city residents are not satisfied with the management of the distribution of cards UID. Alim MD, a resident of Rasoolpura said: "I registered my name for the card aadh in February, but I have none yet. On the other hand, the fair price shops in the city are asking me the number aadh or receipt of registration, when I to buy the ration. Why do we ask this even before the completion of the project, "he asked

Source : IBN Live

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How to check the status of the aadhar card

Now you can check your aadhar card application on online . For more information visit the website
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Friday, July 15, 2011

pune aadhar card update