Tuesday, August 2, 2011

'Aadhaar card registrations bottomward by 60%'

Aadhaar registration card rate has fallen by 60 percent after officials announced recently the number aadh book is not required for LPG refills, receiving rations or taking advantage of government plans. 
In Hyderabad district, about 39,000 people use to register their names on a daily average. But on Monday, only 15,000 people signed their names after officials announced that a voluntary program, said in charge and assistant aadhaar supply Seshagiri Rao MS official. Director of civil society Chakravarthy KRBHN supplies admitted that the state government had announced the number aadhaar was mandatory in order to expedite the registration process. "But we created some panic in people, so the government had to re-advertise was not a necessity," he said. However, the tactic worked in Hyderabad for 93 percent of people have signed up for cards aadhaar, Chakravarthy said. When asked why he made a statement, although there was no confirmation of the identification of only one issuing authority in India, said: "The Government of India wants details of every citizen to be able to access accurate data in the distribution of plan benefits and thus curb illegal activities. " He said the card would be mandatory aadhaar in the near future. Meanwhile, civil society organizations such as the Deccan Development Society, the National Alliance of People's Movements and the Network of Human Rights Act require that the project be rejected and have launched campaigns against aadhaar card records. Deccan Development Society director PV Satheesh said: "Doing biometric measurements such as fingerprints and retina profile required for the acquisition of the card is a fascist form of a citizen to bring in the presentation. By documenting every detail of the citizens, the measure is an intrusion on their privacy. " Harpreet Singh Supplies commissioner said: "Currently, the card is not linked to aadh any government plan, since it is a voluntary registry. The project will not stop until all citizens have registered their names, and the government expects eradicate corruption have precise details of the citizens. "

Source : expressbuzz