Thursday, October 20, 2011

TWO biometric I-cards -- aadhar card

Prepare to have two photo identification cards based on biometric details to take advantage of similar services from different central government agencies.

Nandan Nilekani unique identification heading Authority of India (UIDAI) and Census Commissioner will issue its own identity photo
cards. Both the photo identification cards will have their photo, address and other details biometric fingerprint and iris scan.

Under the previous government's decision, the Census Commissioner was supposed to issue a biometric national identity based on the number aadh base generated by UIDAI. 

"Now the government has decided to hand the number of UID / aadh in the form aadh card," said UIDAI in the paper seeking the request for proposals for printing aadh cards. All residents in India will receive a card from the machine readable aadh.

"There was a genuine complaint that the letter contains aadh obviously does not have a long life," said an official UIDAI. The plastic card to solve this problem and act as an identity document and to allow the government to offer their services through e-government programs.

But the move has provoked strong protests by the Planning Commission and the Ministry of Interior. They claim that the card aadh double the work already done by the Census Commissioner, responsible for issuing identity cards to people over 18 years.

UIDAI Director General RS Sharma HT respond to email or text messages.

The government has estimated that the census commissioner will require R 6.789 million rupees to issue national identity cards. The decision of the UIDAI, including mail delivery to residents aadh number, which will cost Rs 2,000 crore other, if the entire population of 1.2 million cards aadh.

While the card would act as a single document aadh identification across India to make use of services such as opening a bank account or apply for water or electricity connection card Census Commissioner of identity as proof of residency. "Both cases serve the same purpose," a government official admitted that he was unwilling to be quoted.

The problem is likely to be discussed at a meeting of the Cabinet Committee on UIDAI, where the authority is expected to present a proposal for the registration of all residents by the year 2017. A committee of the Ministry of Finance had been allowed to enroll 20 people UIDAI crore till March 2012, leaving the final decision to the Cabinet committee.

 Source : hindustantimes