Sunday, November 27, 2011

Remove aadhaar scheme: Achuthanandan

Thiruvananthapuram: Leader of the Opposition VS Achuthanandan has demanded aadh plan for the unique identification card must be abandoned in view of the fact that even the Union of the Ministry has concluded that the exercise ultimately affect national security.

Achuthanandan said that the Union Interior Minister P Chidambaram had observed that a card could be forged aadh by anyone without any control or scrutiny.
The Minister had written to the Planning Board vice-president in this regard and the population of the Registrar General has also expressed doubts about whether the card can be used for the population
record. The fears expressed in the aspects of card security and citizens' rights have been claimed, the opposition leader said. Achuthanandan alleges are commercial interests that have guided the pilot of a regime that has thrown the world.

It's a mad rush for unique identification applications

H Abdul Basith of Teynampet smile Wednesday. The retired postal worker, after several useless visits the post office to request aadh T Nagar (unique ID) finally seized of an application. "God, who is a rushthere crazy," he said. 

Basith not alone. Hundreds of people have been thronging the five post offices in the city, including the Sivagnanam Street, T Nagar, from October 24, when India Post began issuing cards with nationalized banks and insurance companies. "The chaos begins at5.30 in the morning when security personnel woke up and asked for applications," said Samuel S, senior master message, T Nagar. The other offices are in Anna Salai, Rajaji Salai the GPO, Mylapore and Parktown. 

Before the identification number of 12 digits only, on the lines of social security schemesin the West, you can provide, aretaken images, fingerprints, iris scan raised and the individual. 

Using the UID and obtain government services

After successfully issuing over 39 lakh aadhaar cards in the state, the government has decided to allow citizens to use the card to make use of various services. Karnataka residents can now legally use aadh card as proof of identity and proof of residency to apply for various services offered by government agencies like BBMP and RTO. The State Government has issued an order in this sense the direction of all department heads to accept aadh card instead of other cards as voter ID, PAN card, ration card etc., as proof of identity and address. 

Table II, municipal corporations, local self-government bodies, government agencies and cooperative societies have attempted to recognize aadh card. According to the government order, authentication aadh card is now possible at any time and anywhere. Speaking to this newspaper, a senior department official e-government, said the card aadh will open a new era in public service delivery and ensure cent percent transparency. 

"Until now, many beneficiaries were the use of duplicate identity cards to reap the benefits. But we're expecting big changes after the introduction of cards aadh" he said. "The state government intends to make the plan serves as the social security pension (Treasury Department), the irrigation pump sets (energy), belonging to society (cooperative apartment), Bhagyalakshmi project (department of women and child development), LP gas connections and BPL cards (food and supplies department of civil aadh) and the scheme of Rural Employment Guarantee (RDPR) enabled. 

Aadhaar card is expected to help the government to stop leakage of subsidy in these flagships, "he said.

Source : DC

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Now, a aadhaar card to identify the property

Come January next year and the State government will launch ''Urban Property Ownership Record (UPOR)''scheme in Bangalore, wherein unique legal property ownership identity cards will be issued to property owners.

The UPOR will soon be a must for all land-related transactions. “We will start the initiative in Bangalore by first selecting 50 wards of the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike. An estimated four lakh properties will be taken up in the first phase. We plan to start issuing UPORs within the next eight to nine months,” Rajeev Chawla, Secretary (Bhoomi and UPOR), told reporters in Bangalore on Saturday. The move is akin to Aadhar numbers which serve as unique identity to citizens. The Department of Survey Settlement and Land Records has already started UPOR pilot project in Mangalore, Bellary, Mysore, Hubli-Dharwad and Shimoga in public private partnership mode.

The UPOR will have the map of the property, its GPS coordinates, history of previous ownership, mutation of property records in case of sale/partition among others.

“In urban areas, unlike in rural, clear ownership data and titles are not available. The UPOR will serve as legal ownership documents for urban properties. The card would be required for all land-related transactions and can be procured from citizen services centres by the end of next year,” Chawla said.

The task of urban property records will consist of surveying and mapping of all properties, verification of ownership, changes in records due to new construction, change in land use and mutation of records in case of sale and partition. Chawla said the department plans to cover all the 16 lakh properties in Bangalore in the next two years. The process of collecting and computerising property data of 25 lakh properties in Mangalore, Bellary, Mysore, Hubli-Dharwad and Shimoga is in full swing, the officer said.

As the UPOR project involves mapping and measuring of all properties, it will also help in detecting encroached properties. “In Mysore, survey shows that there are 2.75 lakh properties, while the city corporation had only 1.75 lakh properties recorded”, Chawla pointed out.

In the works
* Properties in Bangalore can now be registered at any of the 42 sub-registrars’
offices in Bangalore Urban district
*Encumbrance details of  property can also be obtained from any of the 42 sub-registrars’ offices
* Initiative will be extended across the State within the next six months by amending suitable laws
* On-line registration of properties also on the cards in the long run
* Registration of the deeds will be intimated to buyers/sellers by SMS
*Bhoomi system ( the project of on-line delivery and management of
agricultural properties)and  Kaveri (Karnataka Valuation and e-Registration project) system integrated

Source : deccanherald

All departments must accept as proof card UID: State

The state departments refuse to accept cards as proof UID on 29 October, the General Administration Department has issued revised indicating that it is mandatory for all departments aadh accept cards as proof of age and residence. "We have taken note of the report on the row and the revised law have been issued. As a result, all departments have been asked to ensure that aadh cards are accepted as proof of age and residency," said a senior official. 

Recently, when a resident had approached Borivli the transportation office for registering a new vehicle, he said aadh cards were not accepted as proof of age and residence. He was informed that a voter card or passport is a valid document for the purpose

Source : TOI

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Aadhaar card must for LPG refills

The Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas has been an amendment to its Liquefied Petroleum Gas (Regulation of Supply and Distribution) Act, 2000 making the unique identification number (UID) in the project aadh that use LPG refills. 

The move is aimed at preventing multiple connections and using cylinders on behalf of others and clean the LPG customer base, as the government was spending heavily on subsidies for domestic LPG cylinders. 

With people not interested in making use of UID cards aadh, the movement of oil and natural gas ministry is expected to increase enrollment in aadh. 

The Ministry in its circular dated October 13, 2011 has announced the amendment of the Rules of LPG supply and distribution order 2011. The Ministry's decision to raise oil companies in aadh card distributors of spare parts which make use has been published in the Gazette of India vide notification dated September 26. 

The order has come into force from the date of publication of the official notification. 

The decision to make aadh UID has been taken by the exercise of powers conferred under section 3 of Essential Commodities Act, 1955 (10 of 1955). 

The modified order reads: No distributor of a Government oil company supply cylinder LPG to households unless the head of household aadh provides the number of each household member to the dealer within three months from the notification of each zone. 

Notice of this area means an area notified for receiving registration number aadh. Many large cities in western Tamil Nadu was the subject of notification of registration aadh in June and July 2011. 

Officials of the oil companies in western Tamil Nadu, when contacted said that dealers had been asked to raise consumer awareness about the need to use the number aadh too early to make use of an uninterrupted supply of LP gas filling . 

Consumers will be given a reasonable time to comply with the directive.

Aadhaar a Valid Proof for Opening Bank Account

Identification of the sole authority, said today that the I-cards issued by it - known as aadh - are a proof of residence in force for opening a bank account. 

Commenting on reports that the media is not a test aadh valid residence, Unique Identification Authority for the Development of India (UIDAI) Chairman Nandan Nilekani said, "That's not true. It is a report is misleading. aadh valid "Know Your Customer" (KYC) documents to open a bank account. " 

"Aadh letter has two parts -. Identity and address if the address that a person shows the bank is the same address on the letter (aadh), then it is a proof of residence." 

A portion of the media had reported that according to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) notification issued Wednesday, not a test aadh valid residence. However, the central bank reported accepted its validity as a person's identity. 

Nilekani said: "In a few days, which will be from online authentication and identity management. If the address matches online authentication, then considered current address (the person applying for a bank account or a service). " 

Clear air of the question, said: "The government is a set of institutions and they all make their own decisions from now, said the banking system as a valid norm aadh KYC for all bank accounts in accordance with the RBI notification. issued yesterday .. " 

Source : outlookindia

He said the Department of Telecommunications and the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas as CSC also has aadh valid SIM card issuance and cooking gas connections. 

In addition, some states like Tripura and Sikkim, which aadh accepted as valid ID card and proof of residency. 

"After consultations with the Government, has now decided to accept the letter issued by the UIDAI as valid official document to open bank accounts without the limitations applicable to" small "accounts," the producer said in a communication to the banks Wednesday. 

However, RBI has also said: "While the opening of accounts on the basis of aadh Also, banks should ensure the client's current address by obtaining necessary evidence thereof in accordance with existing instructions." 

Meanwhile, a banker said aadh is a valid proof of residence sufficient knowledge of the customer and is good to open a bank account. 

"Directive RBI is just to check if the address of a person that is updated or not UIDAI to open a new account," said UIDAI Regional Office Deputy Director-General Anand Arora Keshni PTI in Chandigarh during a performance. 

"It (the policy by the RBI) is to ensure that the person has updated their address aadh card or not," said Arora. 

So far, the authority has issued 3.7 million cards aadh rupees people around the country and enrolled about 10 million rupees for the issuance of those "national identity card." 

The authority has the mandate of issuing cards to 20 people aadh crore next year

AP Crosses 1 Cr Mark in Aadhar

Andhra Pradesh has been recognized as the first state in the country to overcome the one crore mark in the generation of letters aadh, a senior official said today. 

Andhra Pradesh has been recognized as the first state to break the record of a Aadhaars crore generated and was congratulated at a ceremony held by the unique identification Authority of India (UIDAI) in New Delhi today, Director General of UIDAI (region Lima), VS Bhaskar told reporters. 

Andhra Pradesh reached the mark of a crore in August this year and the date of 1.29 billion rupees aadh letters were generated, he said. 

Hyderabad Regional Office is responsible for implementing UID Project in Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Orissa and Andaman and Nicobar islands. 

"As on date, about 6. 200 enrollment stations are active in the region of Hyderabad and the license number of the region has played 3. 46 million rupees and the number of Aadhaars generated (aadh letters / numbers delivery) is 1.32 crore. While in Andhra Pradesh the number of registrations has fallen to 3.33 and 1.29 million crore rupees aadh letters have been generated, "he said.

Aadhar should have names of Father and Husband

Former Chief Election Commissioner N Gopalaswami said today that aadh card issued by the Authority of India's unique identification should be the name of the father of the woman and her husband's name, in order to avoid the problems of different surnames. 

Gopalaswami said Indians of the south, especially women, have trouble getting their names in the same supporting documents such as PAN card, passport and identity card of the voters. 

"Most of the documents will not have the initial expansion of the documents. The methodology of writing documents must be changed. This will happen to the people of Tamil Nadu, and do not use surnames, but the initials" Gopalaswami told reporters on the sidelines of a function here. 

"Married women usually use the name of her husband as her surname. But, PAN card, you ask for the name of his father. Therefore, the name on the PAN card differ from other documents. There is a need to standardize this. Therefore, the card must have the name aadh both the woman's father and the name of her husband. " 

When asked if he will make a formal suggestion UIDAI authorities, he said, "I'm thinking of making one." 

Former Chief Election Commissioner also has problems getting the address changed PAN card as your passport indicates his name as Needamangalam Gopalaswami, while voter identification showing your name as N Gopalaswami. 

Aadh is 12 digit unique identification (UID) number issued by the unique identification Authority of India (UIDAI) to all residents of India. Aadh, from now on, just ask the name of an applicant's wife or husband and father, not so much. 

The UID number is stored in a centralized database and linked to basic demographics and biometrics - photo, ten fingerprints and iris - of each individual.

Source : outlookindia