Friday, June 2, 2017

Aadhaar Card Mandatory For Opening A Facebook Account

aadhaar card need to creating facebook
The government have announced that it will now be mandatory to have an Aadhaar card in order to set up a Facebook account. This will reduce the number of fake accounts that exist on the social media site.

If you already have a Facebook account then you will be required to upload an image of your card to the site in order to prevent your account becoming suspended. This will happen within 15 days so you need to act fast.

The CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg has confirmed that this is the case and has offered reassurances that all personal information will be kept safe and confidential. He has also reiterated how important it is to use the Aadhaar card to guard against fake accounts.

The government is keen for every citizen to have an Aadhaar card and this was also the policy of the previous government. There are so many things that you can use the card for that it makes sense that as many people have one as possible.

It was interesting to see that when this announcement was made that the number of Indian citizens that applied for an Aadhaar card increased quite rapidly. On the other hand, most Bangladeshi citizens have a card already and so are ready to use it.

Notification on Changing Pension Policies to Necessitate Aadhaar Card

need aadhaar card for pensioners
The newest notification from the Defense Ministry has mandated Aadhaar in order for beneficiaries to receive their pensions which approximately number to 25 lakh. By June 30, Aadhaar will be a prerequisite for them and their families to receive their pension.
Aadhaar is becoming more necessary for other financial services because the government wants to increase transparency.
The notification states, "Any eligible beneficiary entitled to receive pension benefits, who does not possess the Aadhaar nunber or not yet enrolled in Aadhaar yet desirous of availing pensions, is hereby required to make an application for Aadhaar enrollment bt June 30."

Furthermore, where facilities are not available, facilities will be provided. Production ex-servicemen card may be used in lieu of Aadhaar Enrollment slip for pensions until June 30. Pensionners may also attach their request to join Aadhar alongside a copy of their Voter ID card, PIN care, passport, or other valid identification.

The notification alluded to utilizing media outlets to further spread that Aadhaar must for pension receiving by beneficiaries.