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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

50 Percent People Get Aadhaar cards In HYD

A behemothic 2.7 crore bodies registered for Aadhaar cards, but hardly bisected of them accept accustomed the cards in the aboriginal appearance of the activity amid January 2011-2012 in the state. Now, the government wants to activate the action all over again for those who accept not accustomed the cards.
The applicants who accept enrolled for Aadhaar or UID cards but did not accept them, accept to annals again because abounding of the beforehand registrations were bungled up by the operators/supervisors, who were mostly amateur staff, at the Aadhaar allotment centres. This means, they would accept to go through addition annular of affliction - continued delay in queues at Aadhaar centres and again a continued action of enrolment for anniversary family member.
Recently, the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has revised its strategies for Aadhaar agenda enrolment for the additional appearance afterward the aboriginal appearance fiasco. “The UIDAI has asked the accompaniment government to alpha the additional appearance anon with the new strategies,” civilian food administration administrator KRBHN Chakravarthy said.
“We will alpha the additional appearance of Aadhaar agenda enrolment in all districts in the accompaniment from the end of May at the authorised centres of the civilian food administration (CSD). The administration may not accord the arrangement to clandestine firms this time,” he said. As per the new norms, operators or admiral for enrolment centres accept to booty training from the civilian food administration and bright a UIDAI analysis afore they are recruited.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

AP govt to acquaint multipurpose a smart cards

Government of Andhra Pradesh is introducing multipurpose Aadhar-based acute cards to the beneficiaries (citizens) for availing of allowances beneath altered abundance schemes. Accompaniment Information and Communications Technology Minister Ponnala Lakshmaiah told newsmen actuality today that fingerprint-based POS (point-of-sale) terminals would be set up at all abundance departments’ account centers, Accompaniment Road Transport depots, Department for Pensions, Commercial Tax and added departments. A smart cards issued to the beneficiaries would be inter-operable beyond all POS machines (different makes & models) and the agenda could be acclimated for multi-purposes beyond all departments for assorted casework in the state, the Minister said. The acute agenda appearance would be continued to abutment cyberbanking affairs also, he added. The Government of India has appear a ancient added axial abetment of Rs 12.03 crore for the accomplishing of the activity while the accompaniment government would buck the antithesis Rs 28 crore. Lakshmaiah said the Union Department of Information Technology has accorded administering approval for the accomplishing of e-District activity beneath the National e-Governance Activity (NeGP) at a amount of Rs 61.43 crore. A sum of Rs 3.50 crore was already appear to the accompaniment government. e-District is one of the 27 mission approach projects beneath the NeGP aimed at cyberbanking commitment of articular high-volume citizen-centric services, at commune and sub-district level. Initially 28 casework would be delivered beneath e-District while addition 200 would be added in the consecutive phases, the IT Minister said.

Monday, December 26, 2011

The Home Minister has demanded that the Unique Identification data collection should be done by his ministry

Delaying Aadhaar Card Due to Non-certified Centre Operators

If you are still waiting for your Aadhar or Unique Identification (UID) cards even after months of registering, you may have to re-register as the data might have been lost in transit.
Even as around 2.7 crore people in the state have registered for the Aadhar cards, as many as 1 crore people are yet to receive them, all due to non-certified operators/supervisors who worked at Aadhar registration centres and have now been sacked.
The state government has ordered non-certified supervisors at about 200 centres to stop working from December, said V Shankar Shastri, deputy director of Civil Supplies Department (CSD). "After the UIDAI officials clear the collected data of enrolled members in a couple of weeks, the process of generating ID cards will start in those centres," he said.
But some residents who enrolled as far back as 10 months ago may have to re-register as the collected data could not reach the main UIDAI's Aadhar enrolment centre in Bangalore, a senior CSD official said.
The government gave the contract of Aadhaar card registrations to nearly 11 private contractors in January this year. These private contractors distributed the work among 150 subcontractors, who then set up about 2,200 centres across the state. The guidelines state that the operators or supervisors recruited to run the centres have to clear a UIDAI test. But contractors managed to set up centres where only a few members had cleared the test.
Meanwhile, in a recent meeting, minister for food, civil supplies, legal metrology and consumer affairs, D Sridhar Babu said that Aadhar cards would be useful in future to receive government benefits and in other transactions.


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Aadhaar card must for LPG refills

The Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas has been an amendment to its Liquefied Petroleum Gas (Regulation of Supply and Distribution) Act, 2000 making the unique identification number (UID) in the project aadh that use LPG refills. 

The move is aimed at preventing multiple connections and using cylinders on behalf of others and clean the LPG customer base, as the government was spending heavily on subsidies for domestic LPG cylinders. 

With people not interested in making use of UID cards aadh, the movement of oil and natural gas ministry is expected to increase enrollment in aadh. 

The Ministry in its circular dated October 13, 2011 has announced the amendment of the Rules of LPG supply and distribution order 2011. The Ministry's decision to raise oil companies in aadh card distributors of spare parts which make use has been published in the Gazette of India vide notification dated September 26. 

The order has come into force from the date of publication of the official notification. 

The decision to make aadh UID has been taken by the exercise of powers conferred under section 3 of Essential Commodities Act, 1955 (10 of 1955). 

The modified order reads: No distributor of a Government oil company supply cylinder LPG to households unless the head of household aadh provides the number of each household member to the dealer within three months from the notification of each zone. 

Notice of this area means an area notified for receiving registration number aadh. Many large cities in western Tamil Nadu was the subject of notification of registration aadh in June and July 2011. 

Officials of the oil companies in western Tamil Nadu, when contacted said that dealers had been asked to raise consumer awareness about the need to use the number aadh too early to make use of an uninterrupted supply of LP gas filling . 

Consumers will be given a reasonable time to comply with the directive.

AP Crosses 1 Cr Mark in Aadhar

Andhra Pradesh has been recognized as the first state in the country to overcome the one crore mark in the generation of letters aadh, a senior official said today. 

Andhra Pradesh has been recognized as the first state to break the record of a Aadhaars crore generated and was congratulated at a ceremony held by the unique identification Authority of India (UIDAI) in New Delhi today, Director General of UIDAI (region Lima), VS Bhaskar told reporters. 

Andhra Pradesh reached the mark of a crore in August this year and the date of 1.29 billion rupees aadh letters were generated, he said. 

Hyderabad Regional Office is responsible for implementing UID Project in Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Orissa and Andaman and Nicobar islands. 

"As on date, about 6. 200 enrollment stations are active in the region of Hyderabad and the license number of the region has played 3. 46 million rupees and the number of Aadhaars generated (aadh letters / numbers delivery) is 1.32 crore. While in Andhra Pradesh the number of registrations has fallen to 3.33 and 1.29 million crore rupees aadh letters have been generated, "he said.

Aadhar should have names of Father and Husband

Former Chief Election Commissioner N Gopalaswami said today that aadh card issued by the Authority of India's unique identification should be the name of the father of the woman and her husband's name, in order to avoid the problems of different surnames. 

Gopalaswami said Indians of the south, especially women, have trouble getting their names in the same supporting documents such as PAN card, passport and identity card of the voters. 

"Most of the documents will not have the initial expansion of the documents. The methodology of writing documents must be changed. This will happen to the people of Tamil Nadu, and do not use surnames, but the initials" Gopalaswami told reporters on the sidelines of a function here. 

"Married women usually use the name of her husband as her surname. But, PAN card, you ask for the name of his father. Therefore, the name on the PAN card differ from other documents. There is a need to standardize this. Therefore, the card must have the name aadh both the woman's father and the name of her husband. " 

When asked if he will make a formal suggestion UIDAI authorities, he said, "I'm thinking of making one." 

Former Chief Election Commissioner also has problems getting the address changed PAN card as your passport indicates his name as Needamangalam Gopalaswami, while voter identification showing your name as N Gopalaswami. 

Aadh is 12 digit unique identification (UID) number issued by the unique identification Authority of India (UIDAI) to all residents of India. Aadh, from now on, just ask the name of an applicant's wife or husband and father, not so much. 

The UID number is stored in a centralized database and linked to basic demographics and biometrics - photo, ten fingerprints and iris - of each individual.

Source : outlookindia

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Download Aadhaar and UID Card Form Online

Aadhaar cards will be considered for publication and implementation of various schemes such as pensions, Arogya Lanka,  LPG connections, refunds of tuition and scholarships. Govt. Housing and subsidized rice systems in PDS. It is estimated that the Government. AP has already enrolled six people in lakhs aadhaar regime.

Please download aadhaar card application . Click Here 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

UID not needed for LPG refill in AP

Aadhaar card number is not required for getting a new cooking gas connection or booking a refill cylinder in the state.
In case any gas agency insists on the consumer to provide them the Aadhaar card number or the proof of having applied for the card, one can lodge a complaint with the civil supplies authorities.
Further, the government has clarified that the Aadhaar number is only an option but not mandatory for obtaining any benefits under government schemes.
Dispelling all rumours about linking the supply of LPG cylinders, issuance of ration cards, vehicle registration and other such facilities to the Aadhaar card project as baseless, civil supplies commissioner Harpreet Singh clarified on Saturday that the government had not issued any such guidelines.
He said that neither the central government nor the state took any decision pertaining to which government scheme should be linked to Aadhaar. “It is up to the government to make any such announcement officially. No other organisation, including Aadhaar project authorities, have the powers to link the government schemes or LPG connection to the Aadhaar number,” he affirmed.
According to civil supplies department, only enrolment work has commenced for collecting biometric and demographic data of citizens.

Source :IBN LIVE

Sunday, July 31, 2011

There is no marriage without aadhar records

Aadhar card numbers are likely to be mandatory not only to get LPG gas connection, ration from fair price shops, but also for the registration of marriage records, land and vehicles and bank transactions.
The state government is looking at this to convince those who have not registered for ID cards only. 90 percent of people in Hyderabad have registered their names aadh card. The other 10 percent is primarily from government departments and state sector IT center.
"100 percent registration is likely to be completed in the state capital in September.
Once this happens, aadh card numbers will be a must for all citizens, "said the director of the civil society Chakravarthy KRBHN supplies.
Aadh in charge and assistant supply officer Seshagiri Rao MS said aadh card would be mandatory for health screening in public and private hospitals.
It is also used in police stations and courts to clarify the cases as soon as possible. Aadh cards are designed to ensure efficient access to national and state systems.
He said that the total population of 42 lakh (according to census 2011) in Hyderabad, 37 lakh have registered for the cards. 12 lakh people have received them and the rest are waiting for the cards. Chakravarthy also said the government is working on the correction of incorrect data on the cards and come with software for this.
However, some city residents are not satisfied with the management of the distribution of cards UID. Alim MD, a resident of Rasoolpura said: "I registered my name for the card aadh in February, but I have none yet. On the other hand, the fair price shops in the city are asking me the number aadh or receipt of registration, when I to buy the ration. Why do we ask this even before the completion of the project, "he asked

Source : IBN Live

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Apply Online for Aadhaar Cards in Andhra Pradesh

The Government of Andhra Pradesh has started aadhaar issue smart cards to the people of the state. Now you can apply online for aadh cards through this website.

Aadhaar cards will be considered for publication and implementation of various schemes such as pensions, Arogya Lanka, MGNREGS, LPG connections, refunds of tuition and scholarships. Govt. Housing and subsidized rice systems in PDS. It is estimated that the Government. AP has already enrolled six people in lakhs aadh regime.