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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Aadhar Card has Become a Must for Senior Citizens While Traveling

On April 1, 2017, Aadhar and Unique Identification cards (UIDs) will become mandatory for senior citizens to use concerning the reservation of rail tickets. The reservations will be directly linked to these either of these cards when purchasing e-tickets and at concessions counters. Due to this, the Aadhar Card is a must for senior citizens.

This requirement is optional between January 2017 and March 2017. As soon as April 1, 2017 rolls around, the use of the cards will become mandatory. This is due to the Railway Ministry's decision to roll out the Aadhaar ticketing system in a two part process.

A.K. Manocha, the IRCTC Chairman and Managing Director, has said that the linking of Aadhaar Cards with train tickets for senior citizens is designed to streamline the reservation process. He also said that it is a push for Indian Railways to "end fraudulent bookings and curb cases of impersonation." He also stated that this process would extend to all ticket bookings in the future.

Current passengers have already received notifications of the Aadhaar Card, and have been told to submit their Aadhaar card details online at the Indian Railway Catering Tourism Corporation website, or through the reservation offices starting December 1, 2016. Effective April 1, 2017, senior citizens will need their Aadhaar Card and any original documentation for proof of identity.

When creating the Master List for new senior citizens, the Aadhaar Card and information about the passenger will need to be provided. This information includes, but is not limited to name, date of birth, and gender. After this information has been added, Senior Citizen Concession Option must be selected as yes or no, and then the ID card type with the Aadhaar number must be provided. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Crime Records with Aadhaar Card

Crime records have been planned for linking crime with the Aadhar unique identity project according to the Union home ministry. This is due to its previous hostile in India. A manager of this project announced that there will be a central at a base for all criminal issues and records being recorded in India. The main aim is linking crime issues with UID.

The produced development basically indicates a u-turn at the P Chidambaram-headed approach by the ministry regarding provision of unique photo identity to each and every resident.

This method of tracking criminal was newly established in 2009, and due to advancement of the crime record bureaus.

Aadhar counts, just after they ensure thatthey have reached the greatest coverage point. This may be used as a piece of information when one gets him/ herself in a police stations.

This great improvement signifies that the skepticism of any government department towards the UID project is coming to an end. There is hypocrisy and mistrust as some support while others do not comply. Others also reveal the secret to the outside foes and wrong persons, who have negative feelings for the crime records with Aadhaar Card.

For instance, the ministry for rural development is making effort to provide a list of UID numbers in the job cards.

Them ministry concerned with home affairs, transferred so as to join and support UID with records related to crimes records. This however tries to rise a bit of concern over irresponsible monitoring and surveillance which is done by the government just as the data projection and boostement great ability of the government in conjunction with the UIDAI.

The official concerned with the project officially said that crime-tracking system is going to be governed by only the reasonable security procedures and practices of proper sensitive and personal data and information rules back in 2011 just as it was outlined under the one and only Information and Technology Act.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

National Payment Corporation of India and UIDAI

Five Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) beyond the country forth with their sponsor banks and Technology Service Provider (TSP) interacted during the annex to get ability on the systems complex in accouterment Aadhar enabled payments application the Unique Identification Number provided by UIDAI.

This pilot activity is actuality implemented in bristles States initially. Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Jharkhand are the States area the activity is alive at present.

The annex was inaugurated by Executive Director of NABARD V Ramakrishna Rao. He bidding his abounding abutment to AEPS programme and encouraged the accommodating banks to use the belvedere to body a bright alley map for accepting hundred per cent integration.

Speaking on the break Chief General Manager, DIT NABARD Neeraj Kumar said, “Indian Government has ordered cyberbanking admittance and RBI is demography the appropriate steps. The affairs of farmers are baby and the bulk appropriate for activity to the coffer is more. Demography a annex in rural areas requires time and investment. So business correspondents will appointment rural areas with micro ATM machines and accomplish cyberbanking easier for farmers.”

“Nearly bisected of rural India does not accept cyberbanking facilities, alike afterwards years of amusing cyberbanking and now banks charge to opt for beginning solutions like AEPS,” said Niraj Kumar Gupta, CGM Cyberbanking Admittance Department of NABARD. He additionally hoped that Kisan Credit Card will anon be issued as acute cards to acquiesce farmers to accept from a host of cyberbanking services. The beyond cold of the annex is to accept a association in which poor accept as abundant admission to cyberbanking articles and as abounding cyberbanking articles as the burghal India.

The participants of the annex will additionally undertake a acreage akin appointment to Ratu block area UIDAI and Coffer of India accept provided Aadhar enabled cyberbanking casework to the poor.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Aadhaar cards ability 15 lakh citizens

Residents of the accompaniment basic accept assuredly started accepting their Unique Identification (UID) cards alike as the action to enrol names of new recipients has been abeyant for the time being.

Over 15 lakh association in the state, including four lakh in Patna, accept so far accustomed the cards, afterwards a delay of about eight months back they enrolled their names for the character proof. Till February 15, about 30 lakh had enrolled their names.

Though sources in the General Post Office (GPO), Patna, said the cards were actuality accomplished from December aftermost year, best association in the accompaniment basic said they accustomed the cards in the accomplished fortnight.

“I had activated for the agenda at the Mauryalok annex of IDBI in December 2011. The agenda was delivered at my home aftermost week. The UID card, I think, is bigger than all added identification cards like Permanent Account Cardinal (PAN) agenda and authorization because it can be acclimated as a affidavit for all types of identification requirements. It is a complete package,” said Apurv Sidharth, a citizen of Boring Canal Road and an architect with Merchant Navy.

UID — a 12-digit alone identification cardinal — is a much-anticipated arrangement aimed at accouterment an alone with a accepted identity. The agenda can be utilised for over 600 casework in the country. The agenda is abundant in appeal amid those gluttonous allowances of amusing abundance schemes such as Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MNREGA). The Unique Character Authority of India (UIDAI) has, however, abeyant enrolment for Aadhaar, the pet name for the project, beyond the country because of the huge excess in commitment of UID cards.

“The ambition to enrol 20 crore bodies by March 31, 2012, in the aboriginal appearance of the UID activity beyond the country was met by the end of January. But it was begin that cards were delivered to alone eight crore applicants. As a result, the Union government issued a notification to abutting all enrolment centres beyond the country from February 15 till added notification. This was done to bright the commitment excess afore the alpha of the additional appearance of enrolment,” Anil Kumar, director, business development (technology and marketing), GPO Patna, told The Telegraph on Thursday.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Banks & UIDAI To Arrange 14 lakh Micro ATMs

MUMBAI: The unique identification Authority of India (UIDAI) is working with the Association of Banks in India to create a network of 14 lakh micro ATMs across the country. While banks are authorized the transaction, the authentication is UIDAI by association with its biometric database.

The UIDAI is also considering giving unbanked citizens the option to receive a prepaid payment card issued by banks that can be used to channel payments to government plans, including the National Law on Rural Employment Guarantee . "The plan is to have at least two micro-ATMs in every village, which means you have to be at least 14 lakh from them," said AP Singh, Director General, UIDAI, speaking at an International Forum Prepaid case Thursday. He said each owner UIDAI is currently the option of opening a bank account. "We intend to give them the additional option of receiving a payment card that can be used for electronic transactions," he said.

Source : Timesofindia

Aadhaar cards for all by March 2012: CM (Banglore)

BANGALORE: Chief Minister D V Sadananda Gowda is confident that the city will get Unique Identity Card for all by March 2012.
After launching registration for the distribution of ‘Aadhaar’ cards on Wednesday at Yavanika on Nrupatunga Road, he encouraged the public to enrol themselves to ensure 100 per cent participation in the state. He said that in Tumkur and Mysore districts, 95 per cent enrolment has been recorded while enrolment in another 13 districts in Karnataka has just begun. 
Enrolment will start in the remaining districts of Karnataka by August 31. “We need the public’s co-operation to make it a complete success,” he urged.
Gowda further said that by March 2012, they expect to reach at least 95 per cent in in the city soon.
There are more than 1,000 centres in Bangalore which will function 24 hours a day and the public should make utilise of it, he said.
MLA Dinesh Gundu Rao, e-governance secretary M N Vidhyashankar, Mayor Sharadamma, Deputy Mayor Harish Kumar, Youth and sports service secretary Perumal and others were present during the event. 

Source : IBN LIVE

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Download Aadhaar and UID Card Form Online

Aadhaar cards will be considered for publication and implementation of various schemes such as pensions, Arogya Lanka,  LPG connections, refunds of tuition and scholarships. Govt. Housing and subsidized rice systems in PDS. It is estimated that the Government. AP has already enrolled six people in lakhs aadhaar regime.

Please download aadhaar card application . Click Here 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

UID not needed for LPG refill in AP

Aadhaar card number is not required for getting a new cooking gas connection or booking a refill cylinder in the state.
In case any gas agency insists on the consumer to provide them the Aadhaar card number or the proof of having applied for the card, one can lodge a complaint with the civil supplies authorities.
Further, the government has clarified that the Aadhaar number is only an option but not mandatory for obtaining any benefits under government schemes.
Dispelling all rumours about linking the supply of LPG cylinders, issuance of ration cards, vehicle registration and other such facilities to the Aadhaar card project as baseless, civil supplies commissioner Harpreet Singh clarified on Saturday that the government had not issued any such guidelines.
He said that neither the central government nor the state took any decision pertaining to which government scheme should be linked to Aadhaar. “It is up to the government to make any such announcement officially. No other organisation, including Aadhaar project authorities, have the powers to link the government schemes or LPG connection to the Aadhaar number,” he affirmed.
According to civil supplies department, only enrolment work has commenced for collecting biometric and demographic data of citizens.

Source :IBN LIVE

'Aadhaar card registrations bottomward by 60%'

Aadhaar registration card rate has fallen by 60 percent after officials announced recently the number aadh book is not required for LPG refills, receiving rations or taking advantage of government plans. 
In Hyderabad district, about 39,000 people use to register their names on a daily average. But on Monday, only 15,000 people signed their names after officials announced that a voluntary program, said in charge and assistant aadhaar supply Seshagiri Rao MS official. Director of civil society Chakravarthy KRBHN supplies admitted that the state government had announced the number aadhaar was mandatory in order to expedite the registration process. "But we created some panic in people, so the government had to re-advertise was not a necessity," he said. However, the tactic worked in Hyderabad for 93 percent of people have signed up for cards aadhaar, Chakravarthy said. When asked why he made a statement, although there was no confirmation of the identification of only one issuing authority in India, said: "The Government of India wants details of every citizen to be able to access accurate data in the distribution of plan benefits and thus curb illegal activities. " He said the card would be mandatory aadhaar in the near future. Meanwhile, civil society organizations such as the Deccan Development Society, the National Alliance of People's Movements and the Network of Human Rights Act require that the project be rejected and have launched campaigns against aadhaar card records. Deccan Development Society director PV Satheesh said: "Doing biometric measurements such as fingerprints and retina profile required for the acquisition of the card is a fascist form of a citizen to bring in the presentation. By documenting every detail of the citizens, the measure is an intrusion on their privacy. " Harpreet Singh Supplies commissioner said: "Currently, the card is not linked to aadh any government plan, since it is a voluntary registry. The project will not stop until all citizens have registered their names, and the government expects eradicate corruption have precise details of the citizens. "

Source : expressbuzz

Sunday, July 31, 2011

There is no marriage without aadhar records

Aadhar card numbers are likely to be mandatory not only to get LPG gas connection, ration from fair price shops, but also for the registration of marriage records, land and vehicles and bank transactions.
The state government is looking at this to convince those who have not registered for ID cards only. 90 percent of people in Hyderabad have registered their names aadh card. The other 10 percent is primarily from government departments and state sector IT center.
"100 percent registration is likely to be completed in the state capital in September.
Once this happens, aadh card numbers will be a must for all citizens, "said the director of the civil society Chakravarthy KRBHN supplies.
Aadh in charge and assistant supply officer Seshagiri Rao MS said aadh card would be mandatory for health screening in public and private hospitals.
It is also used in police stations and courts to clarify the cases as soon as possible. Aadh cards are designed to ensure efficient access to national and state systems.
He said that the total population of 42 lakh (according to census 2011) in Hyderabad, 37 lakh have registered for the cards. 12 lakh people have received them and the rest are waiting for the cards. Chakravarthy also said the government is working on the correction of incorrect data on the cards and come with software for this.
However, some city residents are not satisfied with the management of the distribution of cards UID. Alim MD, a resident of Rasoolpura said: "I registered my name for the card aadh in February, but I have none yet. On the other hand, the fair price shops in the city are asking me the number aadh or receipt of registration, when I to buy the ration. Why do we ask this even before the completion of the project, "he asked

Source : IBN Live

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How to check the status of the aadhar card

Now you can check your aadhar card application on online . For more information visit the website
Please click Here

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sonia launches 'Aadhaar Card' 'in Tembli village

Apply Online for Aadhaar Cards in Andhra Pradesh

The Government of Andhra Pradesh has started aadhaar issue smart cards to the people of the state. Now you can apply online for aadh cards through this website.

Aadhaar cards will be considered for publication and implementation of various schemes such as pensions, Arogya Lanka, MGNREGS, LPG connections, refunds of tuition and scholarships. Govt. Housing and subsidized rice systems in PDS. It is estimated that the Government. AP has already enrolled six people in lakhs aadh regime.

Proof for applying to Aadhaar card

These are name, date of birth, sex, address and biometric details of the person as the photo of his face, fingerprints and irises. special centers set up to take biometric data from applicants in all neighborhoods. Applications can be obtained on the dealer ration shops. Application can also be downloaded from www. Applications can be completed online. Full application and a receipt obtained by completing the online application with all required certificates must be presented at the camp near aadhaar registration.

Ration card, passport, PAN card, voter card, driver's license photo card of identity, NREGS job card, card photo identity card issued by a recognized educational institution, ATM Bank Credit card with photo, Kissan book a slideshow, address cards issued by the department of post and proof of residence issued the letter head of a senior officer may be presented as proof of identity to obtain a card aadh.

Details of the applicants are sent to central repository of identity data de-duplication and assign a unique identification number. Then the card is sent to the address on the application.